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Toilet Philosophy @ Golden Gate, Berlin
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Your lips are like wine, and I want to get drunk.
— William Shakespeare
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Polish lesson #1:

English: Fuck.
Polish: Kurwa!

E: It’s amazing!
P: O kurwa!

E: Excuse me what?
P: Co kurwa?!

E: Oh no..
P: Kurwa..

E: I’m so angry.
P: Kurwa mać! 

E: Are you insane?!
P: Pokurwiło cię?! 

E: Oh no, I’m late again!
P: Kurwa znowu!

E: It finally worked!
P: No kurwa. 

E: Whore.
P: Kurwa.

E: Omg he looked at me!
P: O kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa!

E: Miley Cyrus.
P: Kurwa.

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Liebe liegt in der Luft, lass uns ersticken!
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